Panasonic 60" Plasma TV Y-Board: TXNSC1RDUU, TNPA5647, TNPA5647AF, TNPA56471SC, TC-P60ST50, TC-P60ST50-2

Manufacturer: Pansonic
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Manufacturer part number: TXNSC1RDUU, TNPA5647, TNPA5647AF, TNPA56471SC

Part Details:

- Panasonic 60" Plasma TV Y-Board Model # TC-P60ST50

- Compatible with the following model #s: TC-P60ST50, TC-P60ST50-2

- 100% working condition (unit was fully function tested & certified by a technician) Special Marks UV Serial # HD71123/97 On Unit

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(TXNSC1RDUU)(34)(NN1) YAF47 

NEB 00, HD 08, AZ 05


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